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Care Management Programs

Our Complex Case Management and Disease Management programs are designed to improve quality of life for affected members, to ensure they receive adequate and appropriate care, and to help manage their care cost-effectively. Use this form to refer a member to one of our case management programs.

Our programs combine the technologies used by leading medical authorities with the expertise of specifically trained nurse case managers who work directly with patients and their doctors. The programs promote quality of care to reduce the likelihood of extended, more costly health care. 

Areas we focus on for Complex Case Management are:

Cardiac Care
High-risk Pregnancy

Immunization Schedules

Adult Schedule
PDF | 132KB
Recommended immunization schedule for persons over the age of 18.
Childhood Schedule 0 - 18 Years
PDF | 100KB
Recommended immunization schedule for children ages 0 - 18 years. Page also includes the catch-up schedule.

Preventive Health Guidelines

Preventive Overview (8.5 x 11 paper)
Preventive Overview (11 x 17 paper)
Get the right kinds of preventive health services—screenings, counseling, and preventive medicines— at the right times. This chart will tell you what you need and when you need it.
Adult Preventive Overview
PDF | 2 MB
Summary of recommended preventive services for men and women.
0 to 10 years
PDF | 14KB
Clinical preventive services. Birth to ten years.
11 to 24 years
PDF | 16KB
Clinical preventive services. Eleven to 24 years.
25 to 64 years
PDF | 21KB
Clinical preventive services. Twenty-five to 64 years.
65 and older
PDF | 21KB
Clinical preventive services. Sixty-five and older.
Pregnant Women
PDF | 22KB
Clinical preventive services. Pregnant women.

Other Wellness Information

Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act
PDF | 42KB
Your rights with regard to this legislation about women's health.
Flu Vaccine Reimbursement Form

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