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Our members receive discounts and premier pricing on wellness services and other programs. Find more information below.

Exercise and Fitness

Save on gym memberships, name-brand home fitness and nutrition products, at home weight loss programs, one-on-one health coaching services and more. Get started today.

QualSight LASIK

You can receive preferred pricing plan for LASIK vision-correction eye surgery. This program is provided by QualSight, Inc. and features a national network of board certified ophthalmologists. With QualSight, Coventry members can have LASIK surgery at a savings of more than half off the overall national average cost. Visit QualSight's website for details or review the brochure.

To take advantage of the vision-correction plan, members must contact QualSight toll-free at 1-877-710-9430. A care manager will explain the program, answer questions and conduct a preliminary screening to determine if the caller is a candidate for the LASIK procedure. The QualSight program is not an insured benefit and is available to members to provide access to preferred pricing for LASIK surgery. Members are responsible for all costs associated with LASIK services.


HealthAmerica works with EyeMed Vision Care to make it possible for you to choose a LASIK surgeon from the U.S. Laser Network™ and save hundreds of dollars off each surgeon’s lowest advertised price.

Savings across the Country

With thousands of surgeons performing LASIK across the United States, it can be tough to locate a surgeon that is right for you. But there are hundreds of the nation’s best LASIK surgeons in the U.S. Laser Network™. The LASIK program provides the following:

  • Choice – select from surgeons at various prices (in most markets)
  • Assured Savings – as an EyeMed Vision Care participant, you will receive a discount on the surgeon’s lowest advertised price
  • One All-Inclusive Price – you will not be charged for post-operative care or enhancements during the first year following surgery
  • Convenient Financing Options Available

Get the Information You Need

The answers to your questions about LASIK are just a toll-free phone call away. Call 1-877-5LASER6 for information about participating surgeons in your area and the savings you can receive as an EyeMed Vision Care participant. You can arrange for a free evaluation to find out if you are a good candidate for the procedure. You can also obtain information about financing options that may be available to you.

Vision One Eyecare Program®

The Vision One Eyecare Program® is available to all HealthAmerica and Advantra members. The program offers immediate savings on all eyecare needs -- including discounts on frames, lenses, conventional contacts, and even LASIK surgery -- at participating providers through the EyeMed Vision Care network.

To use the discount program, visit a participating EyeMed vision provider and mention plan number 9238874. Or, print this page and take it with you.

You can choose a LASIK surgeon from the U.S. Laser Network -- owned and operated by LCA Vision™ -- and save hundreds of dollars off each surgeon’s lowest advertised price. Click here to learn more.

Click here to search the EyeMed vision provider network. Be sure to choose "Select" as your network and enter your zip code. If you have questions about EyeMed's provider network, please call EyeMed at 1-866-211-2417.

Some employer groups offer a comprehensive vision program as part of their benefit package. Refer to your plan description to see if you have vision care as part of your coverage, or check with your employer. The plan description explains the type of vision coverage you have.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers® offers our members a discount on a 3-month subscription to Weight Watchers Online: $55* for three months!. To take advantage of this special offer:

  • Go to
  • Click “Enter Promotion Code” and enter code 8-334-791-17805 in the promotion code box and click “Apply Code”
  • The payment plan box will display the 3-Month Online subscription offer for $55
  • Follow remaining steps for setting up your account

You must be a Coventry Health Care/HealthAmerica member to take advantage of this special savings on Weight Watchers Online.
*You pay WW's current corporate rate for a 3-month prepayment plan for Weight Watchers Online. You must enter the code in the URL indicated above in order to take advantage of this offer. In addition to saving over WW's standard monthly plan pricing, you will receive an additional $10 savings off WW's current 3-month prepayment plan rate. Offer for the additional $10 off is only valid for new and returning Weight Watchers Online subscribers in the U.S. To qualify for savings you must complete the full term of the 3-month prepayment plan. Your subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of your plan period at the standard monthly rate (currently $16.95) until you cancel. Void where prohibited. This offer cannot be transferred, combined with other offers, or redeemed for cash.

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